History of Guman Thong (KMT Boy lucky ghost)

Kuman Thong (Golden boy spirit), it is a kind of talisman. Kumarnthong contract as a children's haunted. And can appear in people's house. It bright there owner good luck. The popular Great Mercy. It also has great charm as well. Pediatrics is the talisman of gold since ancient times. In an era familiar to generations of grandparents Even in today's belief in the golden boy is still a popular address will be visible from the store or the operators are usually golden boy robot. Set to worship with the belief that the golden boy will be able to give customers access to shops or fortune to the party as well.

Legend tells Kuman Thong is the name of spirit of a baby keep in amulet by A man whom have powerful magic. Long time the asian people believed the spirit of baby will help bring lucky for Kambling or trading fortune to owner. this is beautifully piece of Guman Thong. Rare and good detail .